Franklin Elementary and Middle School Duals 12/3

Great day of wrestling for the RWF Rebels Elementary and Middle School kids that were able to attend the Franklin Duals today! I love seeing a lot of our young guys make gains from week to week and get their hands raised a lot in the process! They love to compete, and they are learning to practice at a high level.  I’m very proud of our coaching staff and the strong foundation we are building at Roncalli #southsideREBELlion

RWF Elementary and MS Duals 10/26

There are some action shots from RWF Elementary & Middle School Duals November 26, 2017 on our Facebook page- It was a great day of wrestling. Both of the Rebel WF Grade K-6 and Grade 6-8 teams wrestled hard and got better. The Elementary team is very young, but they are out there scrapping and wrestling hard and they will continue to improve. Our 7th and 8th graders wrestled very well, this group continues to develop which is very encouraging. We need everyone at club practice Mondays and Thursdays 6:30pm-8:00pm... wrestling is not a sprint, it is a marathon… learn to love the process of getting 1% better every day! Next competition for both RWF Elementary and Middle School Teams is Sunday December 3rd at Franklin Community High School.

Rebel Wrestling Foundation @ USAW Winter Nationals in Joliet, IL

Kallen Stahley B 70  3-0, Champion
Aaron Butts SB 210  4-1, 2nd Place
Bryce Lowery SB 91  5-2, 3rd Place
Peyton Schoettle I 55  4-2, 4th Place
Zach Wilson SB 105  3-2, 4th Place
Ashton Brandon SB 120  3-2, 5th Place
Andrew Stuck SB 128  2-2, 5th Place
David Himes B 55  1-2
Symon Schoettle B 55  1-2
Drew Willis SB 120  0-2
Dominic Hudson N 85  1-2
Jimmy Stuck N 100  0-2

Rebel Wrestling Foundation Results @ Perry Meridian Middle School Duals

Round 1 – Win vs Perry Meridian  56-26
Round 2 – Win vs Warren Central   76-15
Round 3 – Win vs Indiana Pride   67-10
Round 4 – Loss vs IN Smackdown (All-Star team with kids from all around Indiana and Ohio)  37-52

The coaching staff is proud of the effort that was put forth by the RWF athletes today.  Excited to get in the room and get to work this week, and watch this group continue to build and improve.  This coming week will be the first practices for over half of our team members from today and all of our other middle school footballers that wrestle with our club, now that they have completed their mission to become City Football Champions!

Super 32  Challenge 10/27-29

5 Rebels competed at the toughest preseason tournament in the country at the Super 32 Challenge in Greensboro, NC this weekend!
High School Division:
Brayden Lowery 106: 2-2
Alec Viduya 126: 2-2
Tyce Freije 138: 1-2
Sam Hansen 195: 0-2

Middle School Division: 

Bryce Lowery 85: 1-2

Our guys competed hard and the program will be better for it!

Indiana Mat Hoosier Preseason Open Results 9/10/17

Brayden Lowery 109 lbs: 4-2 Record (Top 6 Finish
Alec Viduya 129 lbs: 3-2 Record
Sam Hansen 198 lbs: 2-2 Record (Top 6 Finish)
Trent Smith 163 lbs: 2-2 Record

Sam Slivka, Jarrod Shanley, Patrick Condi, Nick Stuck, and Spencer Fears also competed for the Rebels at IHPO.

RWF Results @ Columbus Day Middle School Duals in York, PA  10/8 & 10/9

Bryce Lowery (7th Grader) competed in a tough dual meet tournament with an All Star team from Indiana.  He finished with a 6-3 record over the 2-day competition this weekend!  Way to go Bryce!

RWF Results 8/12/17

7th Grade RWF athlete and St Roch student-athlete- Bryce Lowery competed at a Pittsburgh, PA dual tournament event. He went 4-1 against very tough competition from 5 different states!

RWF Results 7/29/17
Brayden Lowery had a 6-1 record at the NUWAY HS National Duals in New Jersey, while wrestling up at 117 lbs. his only loss was to a nationally ranked opponent from New Jersey.

Hayden Watson earned an 8-3 record at the Mid-Summer Mat Bash in Texas!  It’s great to see him back on the mat competing at a high-level high school tournament as an 8th grader!

Grand River Rumble, July 15, 2017
Rebel Wrestling Foundation had 3 middle school-aged athletes compete at the Grand River Rumble in Michigan.

Bryce Lowery 5-1 (All American record)

Jimmy & Andrew Stuck also competed!

FARGO USAW Cadet/Junior Freestyle Nationals
Brayden Lowery finished 8th Place at Cadet 100 lbs and became the program’s first Fargo All American–the first of hopefully many more to come. RWF will continue to train Freestyle April-July and train to wrestle the best of the best in Fargo every year!

We are also very proud of:

Alec Viduya 3-2 record at Cadet 126

Sam Hansen 1-2 record at Junior 182

RWF Results @ Schoolboy National Duals

Bryce Lowery 77lbs  6-2 record in Greco

Bryce Lowery 77lbs  5-0 record in Freestyle

Hayden Watson 98lbs  3-2 record in Freestyle

RWF Results @ UWW Cadet Nationals/World Team Trials

Alec Viduya 54kg  1-2 record

Brayden Lowery 46kg  2-2 record

RWF Results @ NHSCA Virginia Beach National Duals

Sam Hansen HS Division 182lbs  2-5 Record

Hayden Watson MS Division 95lbs  1-5 Record

RWF Results @ USAW Central Regionals:

Cadet 126 – Alec Viduya, 2-2 Record

Cadet 170 – Elijah Mahan, 0-2 Record

Schoolboy 112 – Ashton Brandon,  2nd Place

ISWA Freestyle State Results

Bantam 55 – David Himes 6th Place

Novice 120 – Jef Waugh 4th Place

Schoolboy 98 – Hayden Watson 2nd Place, 3rd Place in Greco

Schoolboy 112 – Ashton Brandon 4th Place

Cadet 113 – Sam Slivka 8th Place

Cadet 126 – Alec Viduya 1st Place

Cadet 138 – Tyce Freije 5th Place

Cadet 170 – Elijah Mahan 2nd Place

Junior 170 – Lorenzo Salazar DNP

Junior 182 – Sam Hansen 7th Place

Junior 220 – Spencer Fears 6th Place

Franklin Grizzly Freestyle Open Results 4/29/17

5 Rebel Wrestling Foundation athletes participated at the Franklin Grizzly Freestyle Open:

Elijah Mahan -1st Place

Sam Hansen – 3rd Place

Spencer Fears – 2nd Place

Lorenzo Salazar – 4th Place

Jeff Waugh – 3rd Place

RWF Results 4/22/17
Multiple Rebel Wrestling Foundation athletes attended the Purdue Boilermaker RTC Freestyle High School Camp this weekend!

David Himes won the Bantam 50 division at Southport Freestyle Open this weekend going 4-0!

Hayden Watson (7th Grader) finished 4th at Ohio Tournament of Champions over the weekend!

Warren Central Freestyle Open Results 4/15/17
7 Rebel Wrestling Foundation athletes competed at the Warren Central Freestyle Open.  Rebels competed very well. There were multiple champs and placers.

Hayden Watson had an impressive 7-1 record at Heartland National MS Duals over the weekend!

We are very proud of all our wrestlers and the effort they are putting forth to continue to improve on the mat. “Off-Season” Wrestling makes “In-Season” Champions!

Perry Meridian Freestyle Open Results 4/8/17
17 Rebel Wrestling Foundation athletes competed today at the Perry Meridian Freestyle Open. Very proud of all our wrestlers and the effort they are putting forth to continue to improve on the mat. The boys won a lot of matches today, had a great time, and learned a bunch about Freestyle. The Southside Rebellion will continue to build…

4 Champs: Hayden Watson, Sam Slivka, Alec Viduya, Tyce Freije

2nd Place: Declan Dozier, Sam Matney, Jef Waugh

3rd Place: Dominic Dozier, James Dozier, Andrew Stuck, Nick Stuck, Ashton Brandon

4th place: David Himes, Hunter Miller, Lorenzo Salazar

6th place: Austin Denien

DNP- David Page

Jimmy Stuck also competed at the AAU Elementary National Duals in Kingsport, TN over the weekend.

CYO City Finals Results 3/18

The Southside Rebellion was at full force this week at the CYO City Finals. We are very proud of our coaches, wrestlers, families, and the Roncalli Wrestling Program as a whole!

Little Guys City Finals (Grades PreK-4): 55 Top 4 place finishers and 15 Champions.

Cadet City Finals (Grades 5-8): 17 Top 4 place finishers, 9 in the Finals, 5 Champions (33% of the weight classes).

RWF @ ISWA Folkstyle State Finals 3/11-3/12
Roncalli had 26 athletes competed, 9 placers, and 1 state champion!

B 40- Jack May, 8th
B 50- David Himes, 3-2
B 50- Symon Schoettle, 1-2
B 50- Tommy Gantner, 1-2
B 65- Kallen Stahley 2-1, 2nd
I 50- Peyton Schoettle 4-0, 1st
I 55- Sam Matney, 1-2
I 65- William Vander Luitgaren, 3rd
N 75- William May, 0-2
N 75- Conner Vander Luitgaren, 4-2
N 80- Robert Houser, 0-2
N 90- Jimmy Stuck, 3-2
SB 91- Hayden Watson 4-1, 2nd
SB 98- Zach Wilson, 3-2
SB 112- Ashton Brandon, 7th
SB 112- Andrew Stuck, 1-2
SB 120- Cayden Shelton, 3-2
C 113- Sam Slivka, 2-2
C 145- David Page, 8th
C 170- Elijah Mahan, 2nd
J 138- Patrick Condi 0-2
J 145- Hunter Miller, 8th
J 160- Nick Stuck, 0-2
J 160- Trent Smith, 1-2
J 170- Lorenzo Salazar, 0-2
J 220- Spencer Fears, 0-2

RWF Results 3/4/17 & 3/5/17
The Southside was represented well at the CYO Cadet Duals at Chatard on Saturday, the McClellan at Scecina on Sunday, and the New Palestine Open on Sunday. RWF had numerous amount of Champions and high placewinners at these tournaments! The #southsideREBELlion is real. It is so neat to watch our Club and the CYO system work together… The growth that our wrestlers have made is unreal!

Perry Meridian Folkstyle Open 2/26

  • Sam Hansen 2nd Place
  • Spencer Fears 3rd Place
  • Jackson McCurdy DNP

Center Grove Folkstyle Open 2/25/17

  • Symon Schoettle DNP
  • Peyton Schoettle 1st Place
  • Haydn Farris 5th Place
  • Mason Poe 3rd Place
  • Andrew McHugh DNP
  • Matthew Hudson 4th Place
  • Spencer Fears 4th Place

Indy Nationals 2/19/17

  • Drew Willis DNP
  • Kallen Stahley 4th Place
  • Jimmy Stuck 5th Place
  • Andrew Stuck DNP
  • Nate Johnson 6th Place

Southmont Folkstyle Open 2/19/17

  • Peyton Schoettle 1st Place
  • Symon Schoettle 2nd Place
  • Mason Poe 2nd Place

IHSWCA Middle School State Tournament 2/12/17

Rebel Wrestling Foundation had 20 athletes participate in this year’s event, and finished with 3 state placewinners!  This are great number, especially considering it is our first year in existence as a club!  Everyone got better and wrestled very well.

  • 4th place- Hayden Watson (90 lbs)
  • 4th place-Dominic Brown (150 lbs)
  • 7th place- Aaron Butts (175 lbs)

Golden Eagle Takedown Tournament: 2/5/17

Roncalli wrestlers stormed the Golden Eagle Takedown Tournament, and brought home a lot of hardware! Congratulations to every Roncalli wrestler who participated . You represented us well.

5 Champions:  Ashton Brandon, Aaron Butts, Luke Hansen, Lucas Hoffman, Jackson Pruitt
4 Runner-Ups: Dominic Brown, Brady Neu, Ben Keeney, Davis Hall
3 Third Place: Nathan McCahill, Jimmy Stuck, Drew Willis
3 Fourth Place: Carter Chapman, Jef Waugh, Alex Amodeo

Roncalli Wrestling K-8 Results: January 29th, 2017

The southsideREBELlion was represented well at the Jim Troy Invitational.There were many wrestlers competing from the club and south deanery schools, multiple champions, and a lot of placers! Way to go, Rebels!

  • Hayden Watson (Schoolboy 91) won the Brownsburg Folkstyle Open going 4-0 on the day.
  • Nate Johnson (Novice 120 lbs) won the Brownsburg Folkstyle Open going 5-0 on the day.
  • Brody Runion (Bantam 55 lbs) won the Fishers Folkstyle Open.
  • David Himes (Bantam 55 lbs) won the Southport Folkstyle Open.
  • Jack May (Bantam 45 lbs) placed 2nd at the Southport Folkstyle Open.
  • Kallen Stahley (Bantam 60 lbs) placed 2nd at the Southport Folkstyle Open.
  • Lucas Hoffman (Cadet 145/152 lbs) placed 3rd at the Southport Folkstyle Open.
  • Drew Willis (Schoolboy 105/112 lbs) placed 4th at the Southport Folkstyle Open.
  • Gabe Hoffman (Intermediate 55 lbs) placed 7th at the Southport Folkstyle Open.
    The #southsideREBELlion was represented well at the Jim Troy Invitational… many wrestlers competing from the club and south deanery schools, multiple champions, and a lot of placers!

ISWA Elementary Team State Duals 1/7/17

RWF finished in 10th place going 2-3 on the day!  Very proud of the way the boys competed today, great effort!
Round 1- L vs Perry Meridian 69-18
Round 2- L vs Mishawaka 51-36
Round 3- W vs Columbus East 64-12
Round 4- W vs New Palestine 53-30
Round 5- L vs Jay County 47-36

NUWAY National Duals 1/7/17

Andrew Stuck and Zach Wilson competed at the NUWAY National Duals. Andrew competed well and finished with All-American honors with a 5-1 record.  Zach finished with a 2-3 record. Great job guys!

Dixie Nationals Duals (Atlanta, GA) 12/29/16

Hayden Watson (7th Grader) went undefeated 5-0 record at one of the toughest youth tournaments in the country!

Winter Break Camp 12/26 & 12/27

Rebel Wrestling Foundation Winter Break Camp was a success! We had 30 Grade K-8 wrestlers getting better for 2 consecutive days following Christmas! Very proud of the #southsideREBELlion and the direction it is heading, we just have to keep working hard and continue to build a strong foundation

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12/17/16 RWF Gr 5-8 Team @ Kentuckiana Duals
The Rebel Wrestling Foundation sent a grades 5-8 team to the KENTUCKIANA DUALS at Floyd Central this weekend. Rebel Wrestling Foundation finished in 4th place out of 12 teams.
Individual results:
75 Conner Vander Luitgaren 3-2
80 Carter Chapman 2-3
86 Jimmy Stuck 2-3
95 Hayden Watson 5-0
100 Drew Willis 3-2
105 Brandon 5-0
113 Andrew Stuck 4-1
130 Sam Peeples 1-4
152 Dominic Brown 4-1
190 Aaron Butts 5-0

12/11/16 RWF Elementary Duals Team @ Perry Meridian Duals
Rebel Wrestling Foundation competed at the Perry Meridian Elementary Duals today! I was very proud of our effort. The boys battled hard. Rebel Wrestling Foundation is hard at work building a long-term sustainable program at Roncalli, and today was evidence of that.

I am very thankful to the village of supporters in our program that help make all of these opportunities possible for our wrestlers!

12/4/16 RWF K-8 @ Outlaws Duals and Franklin Community Duals

Rebel Wrestling Foundation took a Middle School/Advanced Elementary team to Outlaws Duals in Huntington today. The boys battled hard at this very tough event filled with “all-star” teams from 4 different states. RWF also took our K-6 Elementary Duals Team to Franklin Community today. The boys competed very well at this event. All in all, 30 Rebel youth K-8 wrestlers got better wrestling at high-level tournaments today!

RWF Elementary K-6 Duals Recap 11/27/16:
The coaching staff are very proud of the way our boys competed yesterday!  We could not be happier with the results of our first ISWA Elementary Duals event as RWF, and all of our kids got at least 2 matches. Our team defeated Bloomington South, Martinsville, and Beech Grove. We lost only two dual meets, and they both came down to the wire with the final match deciding the winning team. We were very competitive with teams that have been doing Elementary Duals for a long time…. the Rebels are just getting started!
The most important thing that we look at in these competitive events with the K-8 guys is effort, and our effort was outstanding. The boys kept wrestling and wrestled very hard…. The technique we can fix in the practice room!

RWF @ Tulsa Kickoff Nationals 11/18-11/19/16:
Rebel Wrestling Foundation traveled to Tulsa Kickoff Nationals this weekend! This is considered one of the toughest youth wrestling tournaments in the country! The RWF boys wrestled very well. Their effort was phenomenal.
12U 88 lbs Hayden Watson 3rd place 6-2 record
15U 175lbs Aaron Butts 6th place 2-3 record
12U 105 lbs Ashton Brandon 2-2 record
12U 105 lbs Andrew Stuck 1-2 record
10U 85 lbs Jimmy Stuck 0-2 record
8U 49 lbs Peyton Schoettle 0-2 record
8U 55 lbs Brody Runion 0-2 record

November 12 Perry Meridian MS Duals and West Penn Duals Results:
What a great day it was with our middle school wrestlers on Saturday at Perry Meridian Duals. The Roncalli team finished with a 3-2 record with wins over Warren Central, Carmel, and Westfield!
In addition, 7th Grader Hayden Watson traveled to the very tough West Penn Duals in Pennsylvania and finished with a very respectable 3-5 record.  Way to go Hayden!

10/8/16 Fall Clinic with Purdue Wrestling @ Rebel Wrestling Foundation 
30+ athletes took advantage of this unique opportunity to be around a high-level wrestling coach, Tyrel Todd, Purdue Head Assistant Wrestling Coach. Coach Todd put on a great camp and the kids really made big strides. The skills they learned will really help them in their upcoming season!  Thanks to Coach Todd for coming to spend a day with the Rebels and many other wrestlers from around the state of Indiana!  #BoilerUp

RWF Results at Indianamat Hoosier Preseason Open 9/11/16:
Rebel Wrestling Foundation was very well represented at one of the toughest Preseason Tournaments in the country at Ft Wayne Carroll High School. 16 Rebel Wrestlers made the trip.  All were well-behaved and represented RWF and their community very well.  Our coaching staff was impressed with the our team camaraderie this weekend. It was a lot of fun to watch our kids come together and compete as a TEAM! Each individual has showed vast improvement since the beginning of the summer, and everyone wrestled this tournament with a lot of effort!  Can’t wait to get back to work….

Alec Viduya  5-2
Pat Waugh 3-2
Elijah Mahan 3-2
Josh Hiatt  2-2
Sam Hansen 2-2
Trent Smith 2-2
Tyce Freije 2-2
Grant Duncan 2-2
Sam Slivka  1-2
Hunter Miller 1-2
LJ Salazar 1-2
Nick Stuck 1-2
Jarrod Shanley 0-2
Chris Hill 0-2
Layke Vinson 0-2
Spencer Fears 0-2

RWF @ Grand River Rumble in Michigan July 15-17, 2016
  • David Himes wrestled hard to a 4-1 record and a 2nd place finish in his weight class!
  • Ashton Brandon 3-5 record
  • Jimmy Stuck 1-5 record
  • Andrew Stuck 5-1 record
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RWF @ Cadet Freestyle National Duals June 16-18, 2016
Alec Viduya represented himself, Roncalli Wrestling, and Team Indiana in great fashion this week at Cadet National Freestyle Duals.  He finished with a 4-2 record, defeating 4 really good wrestlers around the US including an Ohio HS State Champ.  His 2 losses came by the hand of NJ and PA HS State Placewinners, and they were both very close matches.  He competed very well and learned a whole lot these last 7 days.  We are very proud of Alec V and can’t be more excited about his future!  #southsideREBELlion
image1 (1)

RWF @ NHSCA National Duals May 28-29, 2016
RWF athletes pictured L to R: Ashton Brandon 4-2, Jimmy Stuck 2-4, Andrew Stuck 4-2 at NHSCA VA Beach Nat’l Duals #southsideREBELlion


RWF @ Freestyle State Finals May 7th, 2016
Alec Viduya Cadet 113 State Champion
Sam Hansen Cadet 170 8th place finish